Award Winning Bespoke Caterers in Alderley Edge for a First Class Event

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Consider bespoke caterers in Alderley Edge when trying to adapt an event menu to your diverse guest list. Our menu selections cover an extensive range of foods. Combinations can be arranged to suit your particular guests. Choose BBQ, street food, elegant wedding fare, hearty corporate menus, light luncheon, buffets, cold canapes and a bar. No matter the size of your guest list, we can accommodate your needs. It may seem to some that catered food is bland so everybody can eat it. That may or may not be true. Certainly it is not true at Cheeky Chilli. Our menus are embellished with bursts of flavour; sweet, savoury, spicy, bold and hearty. We bring you wonderful tastes from around the world and local favourites.

When you choose Cheeky Chilli as your caterer, we help you plan the food choices but we include other helpful services as well. For our clients in Alderley Edge, bespoke caterers such as we are can help you plan and manage the event. It all has to work together. The food will be served at a determined time and around other events taking place. Regardless of the occasion, all activities, including food service must be choreographed so everything runs smoothly. Whether it’s speeches, awards, a wedding ceremony, music performances or all of the above, you need a plan. We can help you with that. We also have first-hand knowledge of many venues that might interest you.

You want your event to be memorable and the staff of bespoke caterers in Alderley Edge wants that for you. We want to help you bring together delicious foods, served fresh in a lovely setting. We enjoy an excellent reputation among clients famous and not so famous. Our experience extends over decades. However we still love to create new taste delights and jazz up the standards. Contact Cheeky Chilliand we’ll schedule some time to sit down and discuss your event. Making your vision of your event a reality is our goal. Each event is different. What works for one does not appeal to another. That’s why you can count on bespoke catering when you choose Cheeky Chilli.