Bespoke Caterers in Cheshire for a Remarkable, Unforgettable Event

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Cheeky Chilli Events are renowned as bespoke caterers in Cheshire. Our menu selections are extensive with a 3 tiered price range. You do not have to commit to just one tier and all that is on it. You can mix it up with one item from tier one, another from tier three and so on throughout all the price levels. In addition, we have a broad range of menu categories. Our functions menu is huge with so many selections of worldwide cuisine favourites. We also offer a Street Food menu and again these are favourite street foods from around the world. Every event has vegetarians and you want them to be served foods they will rave about. Not just one or two selections but many soups, salads and pasta dishes that both vegetarian and non will enjoy.

We can help you build a bespoke menu or buffet of foods from any of our menus that you think will best please your particular guests. For any event in Cheshire, bespoke caterers allow you to choose food items based on special guests known preferences. When a guest raves about a dish you’ll be able to say you ordered especially for him or her. That shows thought and caring towards your guests. Food should never be relegated to a bland soup, salad, main course and dessert just so you can check it off your list. This is your gift to them. We will make you proud by serving up deliciously prepared foods from proven recipes. Only the freshest ingredients are used by us in our food. Then, we’ll dazzle you and your guests with the food presentation and serve it up with smiles and enthusiasm.

Bespoke caterers in Cheshire bring many years of experience in food preparation and service. We may have differing backgrounds in food service but the resulting blend is beautiful, delicious and safely prepared. Food is fun; it’s a creative art for many of us and it’s the main reason some guests show up. Don’t disappoint them. Contact us and start planning your next event around our many menu selections. Give some thought to the different guests you’ll be inviting and plan a menu with something to please everyone. Don’t forget the little ones. They get cranky when they’re hungry so we have special menu selections with their favourite foods just for them.