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Entrust the most important part of your event to the leading caterers in Winsford. Food and drink are what most people discuss and consider to be one of the most memorable parts of a celebration. Whether you’re a guest or a host, it’s what says a lot about your taste, hospitality and style. The quality, flavour, appearance and uniqueness of the food and beverages can make or break an event, and that’s why catering usually takes up a major portion of your budget and time. At Cheeky Chilli Events, we help you plan and create your dream event with the help of our highly experienced, talented team. With a combined pool of experience that runs to six decades, we are proud of our reputation for excellent quality, sensible pricing and attention to detail. We know that every event is unique and that it needs to reflect the taste, personality and character of the customer.

Before selecting a caterer, it’s a smart move to do a needs-analysis exercise. What kind of event do you plan, how many guests, venue, kind of seating, theme, and special requirements are issues that can be kept in mind while talking to your catering company. In Winsford, caterers generally provide three main types of services. They include reception services where guests usually stand or mingle and are served finger foods and beverages. This is the simplest and most affordable option. Another kind is the buffet service where guests can choose from a wide selection of food and beverages. This is more expensive than the reception service. The third option is the most expensive one, the tabled service, where guests are seated at tables and served by catering staff. If the event is spread over different times, customers can choose a combination of these three options based on the programme they have in mind.

Choosing local caterers in Winsford makes a lot of sense, because we’re familiar with trends, budgets and venues here. If you are looking for highly regarded caterers to make your event special, contact Cheeky Chilli Events today. We have recently won several prestigious awards and can certainly help you with any event – be it an intimate family gathering or a large corporate jamboree.