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If you think catering in Knutsford is just for formal or very special events, have a look at our catering menus. People are not having fun at their own family and social events. They’re too busy cooking, serving, cleaning up and trying to answer questions from guests who think there is time to chat. All that is on top of a week of cleaning, shopping, gardening and cooking. All that for this simple little gathering of 50-75 people coming to your house to celebrate your parent’s anniversary, your husband’s birthday or your daughter’s engagement. Even though they’re close friends and family, you can’t ask them to bring a dish to pass while you grill meat. You would just end up with 35 bowls of pasta salad anyway.

We say count the cost and factor in your time and your own enjoyment. For small events in Knutsford, catering by Cheeky Chilli can free up your time to celebrate along with everyone else. If the only way your guests can visit with you is sitting in the hot kitchen while you fry chicken and scrape carrots, expect a lonely day. Of course, we cater fabulous wedding receptions and elaborate corporate parties. But that’s not all we do. We can prepare cold finger buffets, cold fork buffets, street food from around the world, hot buffets, Chili, mini burgers and so much more. Wonderful bar-b-que, vegetarian food, luscious desserts and the list goes on. You can put together an award-winning menu even though the award may be a very sincere “thank you” from your guest of honour.

For catering in Knutsford, we can do a little, a lot, or the whole event from planning and decorating to serving and clean up. Before your next major or minor event, contact us while we define our services for you and review prices. Look over our vast menu options and taste a few items; they’re all delicious. We’re highly regarded and we enjoy rave reviews from our clients for our flavourful food. If you choose to have us serve your guests, our upbeat serve staff will keep the mood light and fun. Wouldn’t it be fun to choose a theme with new and different types of food for your next event? It will be even more fun when, as the host, you can enjoy the food and party along with your guests.

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