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What have you dreamed for your wedding venues in Knutsford? Have you imagined your wedding taking place in a great hall or a lovely wooded setting? How about a pastoral setting? Maybe you prefer a castle along the seashore or monastery. None of that for traditional you? We have just the historic church of your dreams. Maybe you just know you want it outdoors. You can’t start too early getting your wedding plans made and securing the best caterers and venues. At Cheeky Chilli Events, we relieve a lot of that stress for you. Our award winning catering company has a line-up of spectacular venues for you to consider. We have the best food and service and we can help you secure a marquee and anything else you might need.

Planning a wedding is a very big job. For our catering clients in Knutsford, wedding venues fall well within our area of expertise. After all, we’ve worked with them frequently enough to advise regarding their amenities, costs and contingencies. We’ve catered and served at these venues so we can answer many of your questions. That will help you narrow your selections to a manageable number. Every venue has their own set of regulations. For instance, available hours, guest capacity, accommodations for the bridal party, electrical hook ups and more. We can discuss transportation for both the bridal party and guests, whether you can put up a marquee, and schedule the marquee.

When you choose Cheeky Chilli, you get event planners and that includes wedding venues in Knutsford. We want to help you walk through the whole process from planning to execution and we want it to be fun and relaxing for you. Contact Cheeky Chilli and let us walk you through the many awesome venues available to make your wedding dreams come true. There’s a perfect place whether you're planning for a large or small attendance. We have already done the hard work, so now it’s time to turn your dreams into reality at the venue of your choice. We promise, the food, decorations and service will be nothing short of splendid.