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Leave the hard work to the best bespoke wedding caterers in Stockport and simply enjoy your event! At Cheeky Chilli Events, we believe that the food and hospitality provided at a wedding are important elements that make it a pleasant and memorable experience. With more than seven years’ experience in this business, we are proud to be the #1 choice in event management and catering throughout the North West. Our events are held at unique and prestigious venues such as the historical Delamere Manor, country mansions like Trevor Hall and the National Heritage listed Liverpool Town Hall. We ensure that the entire event goes smoothly, with food and beverages of your choice prepared and served in a classy, hygienic manner.

For couples in Stockport, bespoke wedding caterers at Cheeky Chilli Events understand how important this day is for you and your family. Food is something that people enjoy and it becomes a part of the memory of the event itself. Selecting the right caterer takes time, effort and patience but it’s worth it in the end. We will ensure that the food will be cooked and served to perfection, it will be in sync with the overall theme of the event and turn out exactly the way you dreamed it would. It means that the catering part of the event will go off smoothly, allowing you to focus on other things. It’s important to start the process early, so that you get the best possible firm who can match your unique needs, preferences and budget. Speak to us as soon as you have decided on your date.

Our bespoke wedding caterers in Stockport offer a wide range of cuisines and menus. You can make your selection from our Function Menu section that includes Hot, Cold, Shot and Spoon Selections, Pairings and Sliders, Starters, and choice of different meal and mains menus. Our dessert selection provides the grand finale to a great meal. When you are looking for bespoke wedding caterers for your wedding, contact Cheeky Chilli Events. You will find that our prices are competitive, and our food and service simply divine.