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Why not hire street food caterers in Macclesfield for your next casual outdoor event? Street food is popular around the world and includes many cultures. It’s cooked fresh and hot on site, may or may not be healthy but generally loved by almost everyone. Your guests can enjoy eating and socialising from table to table because street food is portable. Cheeky Chilli Events has a tremendously popular street food menu. We include the most popular favourites, done to perfection and we have some delicious surprises of our own. Our menu is extensive and can be customised to suit your taste. Events featuring street food are always fun and relaxed. It’s a nice change of pace for corporate gatherings, fundraisers, private gatherings, musical events, graduations and even weddings. Any event where the whole family is invited, street food is a good choice.

The most popular street food in the UK is, of course, fish and chips. In Macclesfield, street food caterers, Cheeky Chilli, does it right but we do far more. We take you on a tour of the world's tastiest street foods. If you love Mexican, you’ll love our chili, loaded nachos and build your own tacos. From India, we have stone pots filled with curry, tamarant, tandoori chicken pops and more. From Thailand, try our sticky rice with curry, peppered beef skewers and fish cakes. Treat your taste buds to our Moroccan kebabs and lamb; Vietnamese noodle bar and lemongrass chicken pops; Chinese teriyaki spare ribs, spring rolls and sesame chicken just to name a few. Our sweets menu will appeal to the international sweet tooth.

When you choose Cheeky Chilli, street food caterers in Macclesfield, count on a memorable event. Our friendly and energetic servers will serve the food up fresh in traditional wrappers. They bring an upbeat people-pleasing attitude to the gathering aimed at keeping everybody in a good mood. Our chefs bring decades of experience, an impressive client list and all the references you want. Sample our delights and we think you’ll be very pleased. Contact Cheeky Chilli and let’s talk about your upcoming event. We want to make it special with flavourful food wonderfully presented. Food trucks add sizzle to your outdoor event that enhances the fun. Your guests will be glad they came.